Cathie Quillet, LMFT

Hi, friend. I'm Cathie.

Birthed during my own story of infertility was an incredible passion and calling to help other women and their partners become stronger because of their journey through infertility.

Standing in a stale ultrasound room, I recall the first time my husband and I heard the news that one of our babies no longer had a heart beat. Through tear stained cheeks, my husband, Tyler squeezed my cheeks and uttered, “Promise me. Promise me this isn’t going to change us.”

I didn't know it then, but I found my career passion in that moment. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, mentors always told me not to niche myself until much later in my career. Little did I know that the cracks in my brokenness and grief were being healed with a new career passion for infertility and pregnancy loss. After I found healing in my own story, I began listening to other stories, reading professional literature, and being trained in all things infertility.

14 years into being a therapist, 10 years into marriage, 9 years after starting my infertility journey, 5 years after finding healing from it, and 2 years after writing NOT PREGNANT, I present to you, The Missing Peace Project.

I love my readers, this TTC community and these women I call home. My days are purposed around finding peace and purpose for your journey to parenthood. I have created this space with YOU in mind. I want you to bring every ounce of doubt and shame; curiosity and bravery; strength and moxie; fatigue and cynicism; and grace and brokenness that you juggle.

Welcome to The Missing Peace Project.

Here you belong.

Here you have your people.

Here you can find peace.

Find Your Peace
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