Do You Know Her?

There is a woman who once believed that happily-ever-afters could come true for her, too. There is a woman who thought the next baby shower thrown would be for her. There is a woman who once was the speaker of hope and that now feels paralyzed by the concept. Do you know her? There is […]

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Why Not?

Men, think back to your wedding day for a moment. We all said things that day that we’d be held to for the rest of our lives. We made a commitment to our wives. A commitment of love, a commitment to faithfulness, a commitment to unity, and a commitment of “for better or worse”. In […]

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The Miscarriage That Changed Our Marriage

“I just don’t feel pregnancy anymore,” I said with what he thought were premature tears trickling down my cheeks. “So much can change in early pregnancy,” he said. “I’m sure you’ll be nauseous again soon.” Soon didn’t happen. “Soon” turned into hours and I still didn’t feel pregnant. I never understood it before this moment. […]

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The Empty Chair

Pregnant together, they had dreams. Throwing each others baby showers. Maternity leave together. It went deep into life. Their kids would be best friends like they were best friends. Kindergarten together. Driving at the same time. College roommates just like their parents. More generations of best friends. They could see the movie playing out in […]

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To the Woman About To Announce Her Pregnancy

To the woman about to announce her pregnancy, Congratulations! Above anything else you read in this letter, please know that we are thrilled for your news! The baby you are carrying is a miracle. We could not be happier for you. That being said, we find ourselves incredibly saddened and jealous. You see, every day […]

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Understanding Fertility At the Hormonal Level

I am very excited to introduce you to our new friends! Pearl Fertility is a company that you need to know if you are trying to understand your cycle! They are based in Germany but are passionate about serving women worldwide! You can learn more about them here: Most fertility awareness methods are based on […]

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Marriage is Hard Work

The acknowledgement that work needs to be done in our marriages often comes like that late night collegiate realization that your final project is due in six hours and you don't know what you're going to do it on. Your project partner was assigned half of the to-do list; but you haven't even spoken about […]

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Encouragement To Wives From A Husband

Dear Wives: Our culture does an excellent job of painting husbands in a negative light. Fat, drunk, stupid, incompetent, insensitive, lazy and rude. Think of husbands from The Simpsons, Everybody Loves Raymond, Family Guy, Modern Family and countless other shows. Idiots. All of them. They show little-to-no-love to their wife, and they are insensitive and […]

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Emotional Duck Dives

Years ago, at the base of the Santa Cruz foothills, I fastened the surfboard tie around my ankle. Waves crashed in front of me as my heart skipped out of my chest.  The surf instructor began to speak. Following his lead, I stood on top of the surfboard, which was still resting in the sand. […]

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It is...You Are Not

Let me tell you something I feel strongly about: I don’t want people to own or label themselves with what they struggle with. I completely understand why people take ownership; however, I want to protect people from the dangers of that mistake. Look at the contrast between the following statements:  “I am depressed” in comparison […]

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