Silly Me

Silly me, I heard the word infertility once, but like a naive preteen, I thought that I was immune from all of the potential circumstances that life might allow. “It’ll just happen to someone else, I thought.” “Everyone that wants a baby can get a baby,” I thought. That’s what health class taught me. I’m […]

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Infertile or A Woman?

Infertile. Friends, for the next few minutes, I want you to loosen that label. Step out from under that dark cloud raining pain and loneliness on you. Go ahead. Just for a minute. You can have it back if you want. I want to speak into those deep recesses of your soul that no one […]

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Where Were You?

Where were you when your world stopped turning? Where were you when the trajectory of your life dead sprinted into a wall? Where were you when you were first introduced to the world’s most notorious enemy: grief? Where were you when you first learned that your body may not be as healthy as you once […]

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I remember junior year of high school when I learned that one of my best friends skidded to her death in a rain slicked accident. That September evening my life seemed to skid to its own abrupt stop. Too many emotions for a 15-year-old, cascaded into my story. I felt ruined. Lonely. The world became […]

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“I just want to fit in SOMEWHERE,” she lamented as tears danced down her cheeks. As she reached for another tissue, she said, “everyone’s life is moving on besides ours. Sure, from the outside, we may look happy, but my heart feels like a cracked desert crying out for a drop of rain.” Her head […]

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Find Your Peace
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