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Understanding Fertility At the Hormonal Level

I am very excited to introduce you to our new friends! Pearl Fertility is a company that you need to know if you are trying to understand your cycle! They are based in Germany but are passionate about serving women worldwide! You can learn more about them here:

Most fertility awareness methods are based on ovulation symptoms such as basal
temperature, cervical fluid observations, or simply counting cycle days. Even though
these methods can prove effective for many, they are not a “one-size-fits-all” solution
and some others may not find them reliable. The main reason for this lack of reliability is
that they do not take into consideration the actual ovulation triggers. Most couples trying
to conceive are left in the dark while trying for several months before succeeding or
finding out potential issues. With the development of ovulation tests based on lateral
flow immunoassays (the same method of operation as pregnancy tests), more light has
been shed onto the actual triggers of ovulation. However, these tests are not so easy to
understand, which leads to some confusion in thinking that a positive result means high
fertility. In reality, a positive ovulation test only means that the hormones are at a high
level and ovulation is imminent but not guaranteed. Another surprising fact is that the
fertile window opens 6 days before ovulation due to the extended survival time of the
sperm and the intrinsic survival of the egg.

The Pearl Fertility Kit combines hormone testing at home (Follicle Stimulating Hormone
and Luteinizing Hormone) with the convinience of a mobile app to chart hormones
during the cycle. The Pearl App uses algorithms to interpret the hormonal profiles. It
also pinpoints ovulation dates with precision well in advance, as tests are input into the
app over time.

This system is clever but also very simple, it works by exposing the test strips to urine
and snapping a picture of the test strip result. The Pearl App will then show your
personalized fertility prediction based on the hormone inputs and will chart your
hormone levels throughout your cycle.

No matter how irregular your cycles may be, the Pearl App gives information on the
most fertile days for each cycle independently, but also enables the user to have an
overview of their entire fertile window in advance. Compared to other fertility tracking
methods, Pearl combines traditional OPK methods with scientific and digital analytics to
give accurate cycle tracking and period calculations. Rather than uncertainty, struggling
to see lines, or interpreting digital smiley faces, it will guide you through the process
while reading and interpreting the tests for you. A Pearl kit includes 15 tests for LH and
15 test strips for FSH and comes with 2 free pregnancy tests, should you need them
soon after.

-Written by Pearl Fertility

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