What is Coaching?

Coaching is a professional relationship that helps people identify and meet their goals. As fertility coaches, our goal is to help you live well in the wait. We often hear, "I'll be happy when I have a baby" or "Our marriage will be better when we're parents." Our questions to you is: why not meet those goals now?

Cathie and Tyler are personally familiar with infertility and miscarriage. As a coach, Cathie uses her skills as a fertility therapist to help individuals and couples find happiness and peace now.

This is the goal of The Missing Peace Project. Don't wait until your baby comes to re-focus on yourself. Do so now so that your transition to parenthood is done with a healthy heart and mind.

View our coaching packages below.

Tyler and Cathie Quillet

Coaching Packages

One Cycle Package

  • Weekly meetings for one month (total 4 sessions)
  • 1 intake session + 3 coaching sessions each at 45 minutes
  • E-mail support for this 1 month
  • Access to handouts used in Peace (In)Fertility


Three Cycle Package

  • 6 sessions spread over three months
  • 1 intake session + 5 coaching sessions each at 45 minutes
  • E-mail support for these 3 months
  • Access to Peace (In)Fertility course ($50 value)


Couples Package

  • Coaching with both Cathie & Tyler Quillet for couples
  • 5 sessions over two months
  • 1 intake session + 4 coaching sessions each at 45 minutes
  • E-mail support during these two months by both
  • Access to Peace (In)Fertility course ($50 value)


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